About Your English Lessons

In your Zoom lessons, designed specifically for you —

  • You will learn clear, beautiful, fluent American English.
  • My teaching methods will make English grammar and vocabulary both fun and easy to remember.
  • I will help you achieve your personal goals in English as a Second Language (E.S.L.).
  • I promise that my private lessons will give you real progress you will notice and that your confidence in English will increase.

I first taught in E.S.L. schools and as a private English tutor in Asia more than 20 years ago, after I graduated from YALE UNIVERSITY. Since then, I have had many years of experience as a professional English editor and translator. I can teach you not only how to SPEAK GREAT ENGLISH, but also WHY the language works the way it does.

Do you want to IMPROVE YOUR WRITING? Writing English well and clearly is my specialty. As an editor at THE NEW YORK TIMES for many years, I have worked with some of the world’s finest writers, including Pulitzer Prize winners. I will help you IMPROVE YOUR WRITING, and also MAKE YOU A BETTER WRITER, even in your own language.

A GOOD ACCENT in English is not difficult! With my expert ear, I can analyze your pronunciation and help you improve it. You will sound better and more fluent. I have my own SPECIAL METHODS of making difficult things easy (even “R” and “L” for Asian-language speakers – no problem!).  My own English is very clear, standard and easy to understand.

I have studied many foreign languages, so I have many, many personal language tips and techniques to help you learn.

Speaking great English is a combination of knowledge and art. I use English the way a violinist uses a violin. You will, too!