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Business English Lessons for the Global Professional

How Will Business English Lessons Help You?

Everyone who does international business needs good, confident English. 

English is the world’s language of business.  This is true in any field.  That is why global professionals — including lawyers, bankers, architects, engineers, importer-exporters and executives in sales and finance  — come to me for Professional Corporate English Training in my Adult English Classes. 

In my Online English Classes for Adults, students improve their English speaking, pronunciation, and accent. They learn how to speak with ease and confidence in any professional business situation.   

My Business Presentation Skills Training teaches students how to speak to corporate leaders and executives. 

Benefits of Improving English Grammar and Pronunciation for Business

Good pronunciation is the most important thing students learn in my online Business English Lessons. Without good pronunciation, people cannot understand you!  Even if they can understand you, it is difficult to listen to bad pronunciation.  It is not good for you or for your clients.  

Good pronunciation in English is not difficult.  In my Online ESL Classes for Adults, students get quick results in their English pronunciation along with learning a great American accent. 

Here is a “big secret” about English grammar.  It is easy!  Grammar is the “structure” of language.  Grammar is the way all the words fit together.  When you were in school studying your own language, maybe grammar seemed difficult.  It is not!  It is simple logic.  It is like a game!  Good grammar is an important (and fun) part of my Business English Writing Lessons. I teach everything from the fundamentals of English grammar to advanced English lessons depending on your needs.  

How to Improve Presentation Skills With English Lessons

Does your job require you to give presentations in English?  Do you want to interact or have better meetings with your clients?  My Online English Classes for Adults specialize in professional English speaking that is perfect for writing clear speeches that you and your clients will enjoy!  

My Business English Lessons Online specialize in good English “delivery” to ensure your audiences receive the message you are presenting.   

If you speak but people do not understand you, you have not “delivered” your message.  Good delivery is easy and fun to learn in my Private English Lessons Online. 

Convenient Online Lessons Improve Your English

My students are busy people.  Therefore, my Corporate English Training on Zoom is designed to fit your schedule.  My students are worldwide.  When you are ready, I am ready!  

Learn more details about our how to book a virtual English lesson and our prices. 

About Your Online English Teacher

I am Christopher Phillips, your online English Teacher.

I am a graduate of Yale University.  I was an editor at The New York Times for 23 years.  I have been an English teacher for more than 20 years.  I have studied 12 languages – including French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and more!  

Book Your First Virtual Business English Lesson

It’s easy to book your Business English Lessons Online.  Start with a Free First Meeting!  Select your available time for a first diagnostic meeting to discuss your professional English speaking goals.  



How long are your Business Classes for Adults?  

My Adult English Classes are either one hour or an hour and a half.  Usually, one hour is best for English Speech Lessons.  Business English Writing Lessons are sometimes an hour and a half.  


I am not in New York.  How do I take your Online ESL Classes for Adults? 

All Global Corporate English Training is on Zoom.  Your Virtual English Teacher is wherever you are!  


Do you do group Online English Classes for Adults? 

I give Private English Classes Online.  If you want to add a friend, there is no extra charge.  We can also arrange Group Classes on request. 


Where should I start getting better at Business English?  Should I start with Speaking and Grammar or should I start with Business Presentation Skills Training?  

Start with a Free First Meeting.  At the Free First Meeting, I will listen to your English and hear your goals and your needs in Corporate English Training.  We will make a plan of study. Book Now!


Please note: All bookings must be at least 48 hours in advanced. 

All times mentioned are New York time (GMT -5). 

New York is usually 6 to 7 hours earlier than Europe and Israel; 8 hours earlier than U.A.E.; 12 to 13 hours earlier than Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong.  Use your phone’s “World Clock” settings to make sure.