How it works

For our online classes we have tried and tested various platforms and prefer to use Zoom as our meeting point, this allows for great communication with a brilliant video connection, features such as whiteboard and screen-share, which feels just like being face to face. 

You are able to use Zoom from anywhere, be it on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablets, available on both Android and iOS systems, so you could be learning from anywhere in the world.

Zoom on-in and join us!

Other platforms are available upon request. 

All you need is

Good internet connection 


Pen and paper

Via e-mail

Receive class materials after each lesson

Homework correction  

Free Trial

Cancellation policy

To cancel your lesson, please send an email to [email protected]:

  • If the lesson is cancelled with 24 hours notice or more, a full refund will be activated. 
  • If the lesson is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, no refund is given.
  • If the student doesn't show, no refund is given. Note: I will wait a maximum of 10 minutes before considering the student to not show-up. 
  • Inappropriate student behaviour during the online lesson will not be tolerated. As a result the lesson will end immediately and will not be refunded.

Virtual English Teacher Online may need to cancel your lesson, however if this does occur your lesson will be rescheduled or be given a full refund.

Created 2015 - Updated 2019