Your Free First Meeting is, of course… FREE!

Prices for lessons are: US$100 for one hour, or US$125 for one-and-a-half hours (strongly recommended).

Here are three ways to save money:

1) If you pay for 10 lessons in advance, you will receive an extra lesson free (so it becomes a kind of discount).

2) If you introduce a new student for the Free First Meeting (whether or not they decide to take lessons), you will also receive an extra free lesson (another discount).

3) You can share your lesson with a friend (this is very easy on Zoom) for the same price.

4) If you are a REFUGEE (Asylum status granted or applied for), all lessons are half price.

There are no extra charges!  I provide most course materials free (though I might suggest one or two books for you to buy directly from Amazon).

Payment is by Stripe or PayPal when you book your lessons (go to the “Booking” page on the site).

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