An Artist
"Christopher is an artist, not just of the English language, but also of teaching."Sylvie (France)

To a Whole New Level
"Like most Germans, I have spoken English for many years. Lessons with Christopher took my English to a new, higher level."Thomas (Germany)

Don't Be Nervous!
"A brilliant teacher and a kind, caring person who puts his heart and and long experience into his lessons. At first I was nervous speaking with a New York Times journalist – but Christopher is so friendly and encouraging that I stopped being nervous immediately. You will enjoy your lessons."Sejeong (South Korea)

Better Writing, in My Own Language as Well
"I needed help with my writing, not only the English part. Christopher was an editor at The New York Times, and he helped me just like he used to help famous New York Times writers. I am a better writer now – not just in English, but also in Spanish."Alejandro (Argentina)

He Explains WHY, Not Only WHAT
"Studying with Christopher, I finally understand English grammar. He made difficult things easy and explains how English works. His explanations are very clear and fun. His great sense of humor makes ideas easy to remember."Claudio (Spain)

A Great Investment
"These English lessons are the best investment you can make. Christopher gives you his Yale University background and a lifetime of wisdom and experience, knowledge you can use immediately."Elisabeth (Switzerland)

For a Japanese Speaker, an Easy Fix for "R" and "L"
"Being Japanese, I had trouble with the ‘R’ and ‘L’ sounds. Most teachers say that is difficult to learn. Christopher was able to fix this problem very easily. His way is so simple."Tadashi (Japan)

My Manager and Co-Workers Notice the Difference
"After only three lessons, my co-workers (including my boss) noticed the improvement in my English, especially my accent. It has made a great difference in my career success and enjoyment."Anna (Italy)

Better Speeches and Presentations
"I need to give speeches and presentations in my work. Before studying with Christopher, my audience could not understand me or would get bored. Now I am a much, much better speaker. I was just chosen to give a speech at our International Sales Conference. This was impossible before my lessons with Christopher."Marie-Clotilde (France)

Respectful of My Culture
"At the same time Christopher was introducing me to American culture, he was very respectful of my culture so I always felt comfortable talking with him about anything (in English, of course)."Mohammed (United Arab Emirates)