Now, People Can Understand Me!
"Being from India, I have spoken English all my life, but people in England and America always had trouble understanding me when I spoke. Christopher saw immediately why I had this problem, and he showed me how to fix it. It worked like magic."Rajan (India)

It Helps That Christopher Knows My Language
"Christopher speaks beautiful French. Therefore he understood my problems with English. He could see why I was making the mistakes in grammar and pronunciation and was able to fix them."Jean-Pierre (France)

An Accent "Cure"
"A great ‘language doctor.’ He ‘cured’ me of the problem parts of my Israeli accent but left the parts that expressed my personality and heritage."Ron (Israel)

More Confidence
"My confidence has improved. Now I am comfortable speaking English anywhere. My confidence is better in other areas of my life as well."Hudson (Hong Kong)

He Knows Chinese (and Even Singapore-Style English!)
"The fact that Christopher speaks Chinese (and he even knows ‘Singlish,’ the Singapore version of English) helped me a lot with my pronunciation and grammar. He understood why I was saying certain things wrong and he knew how to fix my speaking and writing. This is the first time I met a foreigner who understands our local Singapore way of speaking English."Quentin (Singapore)

Fun and Great Value
"Lessons with Christopher are fun, and I always come away with great value. He gives me knowledge I can use immediately."Katerina (Russia)

Lessons I Will Never Forget
"Christopher taught me lessons I will never forget. I think about them and use them whenever I speak English."Peter (Czech Republic)