3 Kinds of “TO”

Yes – it is strange but true.  A simple sound like “to” is spelled three different ways: totwo, and too.

It is very easy to tell the difference:
“Two” only means the number 2. “Too” means “also” or “more than enough” (including an extreme).  (Peter went, too.  It was too far to walk and the day was too hot.)
“To” is used for everything else.

Whenever you want to write a word that sounds like “to,” ask yourself:  Is it a number?  Does it mean “also” or “more than enough” or an extreme?  If not, it will always be “to.”

(Technically, there is one other use of “too” – to make something emphatic.  A stubborn child might say:  I will too go there if I want to!  But you can consider this another form of “also.”)

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